Outreach Division

Outreach Division

The Outreach Division (OD) is responsible for the communication activities of the Museu de Zoologia of USP, through the Dissemination and Exhibition Service, as well as developing research on Narratives in Natural History Museums.

Maria Isabel Landim

Prof. Dr. Maria Isabel Landim
E-mail: milandim@usp.br

Dissemination and Exhibition Service

The Dissemination and Exhibition Service operates in the Museum of Zoology’s management of the Museum Studies Program, through the elaboration and execution of exhibitions, educational actions, cultural extension courses, and press consultancy. It is organized in the Museology Section and Educational Activities Section.

Rosângela Celina Cavalcante

Museum Technician
Rosângela Celina Cavalcante
Email: rccavalcante@usp.br

Roseli Viana Retamero

Project support
Roseli Viana Retamero
Email: roseliviana@usp.br



Museology Section

Felipe Alves Elias

Research Specialist
MSc. Felipe Alves Elias
Email: felias@usp.br

The Museology Section is responsible for several activities related to communication within the Museu de Zoologia of USP. Besides defining and implementing protocols applied to the acquisition, documentation, and safeguarding of museum collections, it acts in the planning and production of long-term, temporary, and itinerant exhibitions, produces graphic materials to disseminate the Museum’s preservationist actions, elaborates fundraising projects for the implementation of institutional communication programs, conducts research, and publishes in the sphere of its specialty, as well as provides assistance to projects related to the area.

Educational Activities Section

Marcia Fernandes Lourenço

Dr. Marcia Fernandes Lourenço
E-mail: mfer@usp.br

The Educational Activities Section aims to develop educational action aimed at pre-school, elementary, high scholl, and higher education, teaching professionals and the community in general. Anchored in the socio-interactionist theories for the construction of concepts in Zoology, evolution, biodiversity, sustainability, and heritage education, it is part of its tasks, to supervise, elaborate, and develop research, courses, and training, produce didactic and support materials for teaching professionals, publish the experiences carried out and provide assistance to projects related to the area. These actions have as a goal the improvement of Science and Biology teaching. The Educational Activities Section recognizes and seeks the full accomplishment of its social role as a diffuser of scientific knowledge through its programs to assist the various types of public that visit the Museu de Zoologiay of USP.