The Graduate Program in Systematics, Animal Taxonomy, and Biodiversity of MZUSP began its activities in 2011, although MZUSP has played a major role training generations of zoologists since the mid 1970s. Our Program trains specialists in several groups of organisms through the study of biodiversity and its evolutionary patterns, with ramifications in areas such as evolution, taxonomy, and phylogenetic reconstruction.

Since the Program is inserted in a Museum of Natural History, and most of its faculty is composed of scientific collections’ curators, here the students acquire solid training in research based on collections and curatorship, in addition to being highly trained to act in the areas of Systematics, Animal Taxonomy, and Biodiversity.


Academic Master's Degree

Mainly focused on alumni from the Undergraduate Degree in Biological Sciences or related areas

Doctoral Degree

For holders of a Master's degree, preferably in Zoology or related areas

Direct Doctoral Degree

For undergraduate alumni with exceptional academic and scientific performance

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