The Library of the Museu de Zoologia of USP is today among the most complete and important in Brazil in its specialty area, Zoology. Its collection consists of more than 258,000 volumes, including books, theses and dissertations, journals and specialized journals, maps and geographical charts, as well as other types of materials, including the new electronic means of information storage. Thus, our library is one of the most important in the area on the national and international scene, both for its enormous collection and for its fast and efficient system of bibliographic consultations, which is continuously expanded through various digital media, including the social media. In 2018, 4,489 users were served, resulting in 24,081 pages scanned through the COMUT system of bibliographic commutation, and 23,238 queries to the collection. The expansion of services to users offered by the library is far from being exhausted, with the implementation of new technologies for bibliographic research, passed on to graduate students in the form of training in the use of bibliographic databases, in addition to the increase in the physical structure and bibliographic collection of the Museum’s Theses and Dissertations. Besides, many of the individual labs have their own separate libraries, consolidated by the long-term activity of the researchers who work or have worked there. All these resources are readily available, for consultation or loan, to students associated with the Museu de Zoologia. Finally, the library network of other USP units, besides the institutional access to the CAPES Journal Portal, further extends the information access resources available to program’s students and professors.

The program’s students and professors have at their disposal a list of all the University’s bibliographic collection made available through the Dedalus Catalogue, from USP’s Integrated Library System (Link: This resource enables the search, reservation, and renewal of distance loans, considerably reducing the time spent on searching and obtaining the desired reference. Additionally, all theses and dissertations defended in the program are available in pdf format at the USP’s Digital Library of Dissertations and Theses (Link: