Commitments and standards


All the counselors are responsible for supervising their students, from the formulation and/or reformulation of the research project, development of the thesis/dissertation project, choice of courses, preparation for the qualification exam, presentation of activity reports, besides the writing, deposit, and defense of the thesis/dissertation.

By accepting a student’s supervision, the supervisor guarantees the existence of infrastructure and availability of resources necessary for the development of the project delivered by the student for registration in the admission exam. The supervisor also undertakes to evaluate and inform CPG about the performance of his/her students through the activities report.

All supervisors have the obligation to deliver the annual Sucupira/CAPES reports requested by the Graduate Degree Committee (CPG) and, to the extent possible, meet the requests for opinions made by this commission.

Limit of supervisions

Full supervisors can supervise up to eight students at STBio. In addition, up to eight students may be co-supervised, provided that the sum of supervisions and co-supervisions does not exceed fifteen. The specific supervisor will have his supervision limited to a maximum of two students.

For more detailed information on teaching in the Program, please refer to the complete Regulations and Rules available in the links below: