Research Aids

PROAP – Graduate Degree Support Program (CAPES)

It aims to finance the activities of graduate degree courses, providing better conditions for the formation of human resources. PROAP resources may be required by regularly enrolled students who intend to participate in scientific events in the country or abroad, to make technical visits to study collections from other research institutions, or to fund scientific expeditions directly related to their Master’s Degree, Doctoral Degree, or Direct Doctoral Degree projects.

To request financial aid, the student should send it to the STBio Office:

  1. Letter signed by the student and the supervisor requesting and justifying the financial assistance request.
  2. Funds request spreadsheet
  3. Term of responsibility for proof of expenses

The CPG will analyze each request individually and may approve (totally or partially) or deny the request. Students covered by the aid must present a fund receipt form and proof of all expenses at the end of the financed activities.

Click here to see the models of the forms above.

For further information, please contact the STBio Office.