Proposals for accreditation or re-accreditation of courses should be addressed to the Graduate Degree Committee with the following documentation:

  1. Letter from the responsible teacher requesting the accreditation of the course;
  2. Specific course proposal form; 
  3. Copy of the Curriculum(s) Lattes of the responsible teacher(s).

These documents should preferably be sent in digital format to the STBio Office ( The proposals will be forwarded to rapporteurs who will issue opinions of merit and analyzed by the CPG. 

The re-accreditation of courses is done every five years.

Portuguese, English, or Spanish are accepted as languages to offer courses.


The student’s performance in the Graduate degree courses is represented by one of the concepts, as follows:

A – Excellent, with credit rights;
B – Good, with credit rights;
C – Regular, with credit rights;
R – Rejected, no credit right and
T – Approved in courses taken outside USP.

The professor has a maximum period of 60 (sixty) days counted from the end of the course for the delivery of the concepts obtained by the students.

Class Cancellation

The cancellation of a class may occur upon request of the professor, due to force majeure. This request will be evaluated by the Graduate Degree Committee, which must issue an opinion on the request at the latest 10 days or up to 2 days before the beginning of classes.

Cancellation of a class for lack of students will only occur if the minimum number of students enrolled is not reached, as indicated in the course offering register.