Activity Report

The submission of Activity Reports is a requirement only for students subject to Regulation 7851/2019, i.e., those with initial enrollment made from October 03, 2019 or students with previous enrollment but who have migrated to this regulation.

The reports aim to evaluate the progress of students’ research projects in critical phases of their courses. Reports must be submitted 12 months after enrollment date for Master’s degree students and 36 months after enrollment date for Doctoral degree and Direct Doctoral degree students.

The report must be prepared in accordance with the scientific reports required by FAPESP, with the signature of the student and supervisor. Reports from Doctoral degree or Direct Doctoral degree students must include an additional item that responds to any recommendations made by the Examining Committee of the Qualification Examination.

FAPESP scholarship holders are required to submit the latest scientific reports submitted to the agency in place of the activity report.

The student whose report is not approved must provide a new report within sixty (60) days from the date of disclosure of the evaluation’s result by the Program’s office.

In addition to the rules established in USP’s Graduate degree Rules, the student may be disconnected from the graduate program in any of the courses (Master’s degree, Doctoral degree and Direct Doctoral degree), if he/she fails to submit the activities report on the established deadlines.