Teaching and research aid

PROAP - Graduate Degree Support Program (CAPES)

It aims to finance the activities of graduate degree courses, providing better conditions for the formation of human resources. PROAP resources may be required by faculty preferably to fund field activities of courses offered by the Program.

To request financial aid, the professor should send it to the STBio Office:

  1. Signed letter requesting and justifying the request for financial aid.
  2. Funds request spreadsheet
  3. Term of responsibility for proof of expenses

The CPG will analyze each request individually and may approve (totally or partially) or deny the request. Eligible professors must present a receipt form and proof of all expenses at the end of the financed activities.

For further information, please contact the STBio Office.

FAPESP - Foundation for Research Support of the State of São Paulo

The agency offers several types of research aid based on merit according to individual requests sent by the faculty. Funding programs are often opened for specific research lines. In most applications, it is possible to apply for Master’s Degree, Doctoral Degree, or Direct Doctoral Degree linked scholarships. For information on the agency’s research aid request process, click here.

CNPq - National Council for Scientific and Technological Development

The agency offers individual aid and research productivity scholarships. For information on the agency’s aid scholarship process, click here.